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Author & Narrator - John Kixmiller
Illustrators - Carlos Uribe, Lawrence Tate, Gideon Chase
Graphics/Motion Graphic Artists - Lawrence Tate
Sound Design/Audio Mixer & Engineers -Tamara Kachelmeier, Garbriela Baez, Edward Guzman
Marketing Team - Tom E. Morgan, Joseph Vitaliano Jr.
Voice Actors - Gabriela Baez, Edward Guzman, Tamara Kachelmeier, John Kixmiller, Tom E. Morgan, Rachel Thoe-Schechter, Jonathan Vergara, Joseph Vitaliano Jr, Maritza Pablon, and Cynthia Dunston.

-The Dreams We Dream Together-

It was bitter cold on the darkest night, and the wind swept through the town. There was screaming in the labor room, and nurses all around. With your big round eyes and solemn face. You were light as a feather. The dreams we dream together. The dreams we dream together

The city of blocks had people there, I remember now their names, In Middletown Grimbledy Trimble. And his friends all still remain. As the nights ran by the story grew. As deep and dark as a river. The dreams we dream together. The dreams we dream together


The children appeared on the field one day. It was a bright September morn. They found adventure waiting there.. And a brand new world was born. It was a world I knew and could share with you, and wish could live forever. The dreams we dream together. The dreams we dream together

Could we build a city there. On that field so wide. Made of people not of things. A city all outside. That all who heard could see it there. With life that lives forever. The dreams we dream together. The dreams we dream together.

- John KixMiller

The Protectors of the Wood Book Series is an adventure saga about a group of misfit teenagers who save the world from climate change. In this blog we will be posting a new episode every Monday until we have completed the story. Each illustration includes a narrative, an illustration, and sometimes a song. 

We're excited that Protectors of the Wood #1, Phoebe Comes Home, is listed as #1 and Phoebe Breaks Through is #3 on the Goodreads list of Best eco-fiction! Please give us your vote on Goodreads and, become a Goodreads member, click on this link, and scroll down to Phoebe Comes Home and vote!  Many thanks from all of us at Protectors of the Wood.