Phoebe Breaks Through - Episode 7

Episode 7



As Phoebe heard George sing, she gazed aimlessly over the crowd. Suddenly she felt a jolt of recognition. Yes! There was Abby sitting in the third row of chairs far off to the left. It was her face, clear as a bell. Phoebe could tell that Abby was staring at George, and remembered that Abby seemed to like him at the party.

“I’ve got to get back to work,” thought Phoebe. “Gilligan’s going to be furious!” She turned and skipped back out the door, over the fence, and into the toy store. In a moment, she was putting stray items back on the shelves as if she had never left. In another half an hour, Phoebe and Gilligan closed up the toy store and were out on the sidewalk. The concert was just ending, and the crowd began emptying onto the street. Phoebe stood aside and looked carefully for Abby.

Phoebe was painfully aware that some very persistent and dangerous adults were almost certainly nearby at that moment, searching for Abby. A line of cars idled along Bridge Avenue. Looking them over, Phoebe recognized an old green sedan double-parked under the streetlight just a car length away. It had to be the same one that had passed by on the dirt road as she hid under the pine branches near the haunted house.

A man leaned out of the open window on the driver’s side, scanning the sidewalk with great concentration. Without warning, he looked to the side and noticed Phoebe staring at him. They locked eyes. She tore herself away and stepped behind the streaming crowd. In a moment, she squeezed into the coffee shop and looked frantically for Abby, but she was nowhere to be found.



And The Upcoming...GHOST GIRL (Book III) 

by John KixMiller

Abby Appears And Disappears illustration

By Carlos Uribe

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