The Ghost Girl Episode 21


John KixMiller, author of the Protectors of the Wood book series, tells Episode 21 from The Ghost Girl.
Podcast recorded and mixed at Ghost Dog Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Illustration By Carlos Uribe

Illustration By Carlos Uribe

Podcast produced By Tamara Kachelmeier
Podcast edited By Gabriela Baez
Recorded by Gabriela Baez, Edward Guzman, Tom E. Morgan, Lawrence Tate, Joe Vitaliano Jr., and Tamara Kachelmeier

Featuring “Great Heart of the Earth” vocals by Tom E. Morgan and Tamara Kachelmeier, guitar performed by Edward Guzman, Written By John Kixmiller

Featuring "Its Just that I Need You” performed by Edward Guzman and Gabriela Baez, Written by John Kixmiller

Featuring “Tiger Love” Composed by Tamara Kachelmeier

Gabriela Baez: Abby
Lawrence Tate: Abby’s Father Dennis
Tom E. Morgan: Sonny
Maritza Pabon: Abby’s Mother Julie
Joe Vitaliano Jr.: Chris

John Kixmiller: Narrator

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