Phoebe Comes Home - Episode 24


The uninvited crashed the party.

Starring Joe Vitaliano as Jerome Peabody, William Wyndaman, Mayor Wilcox, &Chester Peterson, Jonathan Vergara as Chief Santiago, Tamara Kachelmeier as Phoebe and Penny Hood,  Rachel Thoe-Schechter as Glenda, MItch & Patricia Hood, Edward Guzman as Peter Hood, Jeremy & George, Gabriela Baez as Abby,  and John Kixmiller as Narrator.

 John KixMiller, author of the Protectors of the Wood book series, tells Episode 24 from  Phoebe Comes Home.

- Podcast recorded by  Tamara Kachelmeier and Gabriela Baez at Pancake Recording Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

- Illustration by Carlos Uribe

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Featuring the Protectors of The Wood Band performing "Dark Vision'".