The Ghost Girl - Episode 28


John KixMiller, author of the Protectors of the Wood book series, tells Episode 28 from The Ghost Girl.

Gabriela Baez: Abby
Joe Vitaliano Jr.: Reverend Tuck
Maritza Pabon: Rose
Edward Guzman: George
John Kixmiller: Narrator

Podcast recorded and mixed at Ghost Dog Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Podcast produced and Edited By Tamara Kachelmeier & Gabriela Baez
Recorded by Gabriela Baez, Edward Guzman, Tom E. Morgan, Lawrence Tate, Joe Vitaliano Jr., and Tamara Kachelmeier

Featuring "Its Just that I Need You ” Performed by Abby Baez and Edward Guzman and Written by John KixMiller

Piano performed by Tamara Kachelmeier
Beginning Sound Clip sung by Edward Guzman
Bird sounds/Guitar recorded and performed by Edward Guzman
Great Heart of the Earth performed by Edward Guzman, Tom E. Morgan, and Tamara Kachelmeier, Written by John KixMiller

Illustration by Lawrence Tate

Illustration by Lawrence Tate