Welcome to the Protectors of the Wood podcast! Each new episode features the author, John KixMiller reciting lines from the Protectors of the Wood Adventure novel series.


The Protectors of the Wood Adventure Novel Series is the fully illustrated story of a group of misfit teenagers who save the world from climate change. Phoebe comes home from college to discover shocking changes threatening Middletown, her familiar childhood home. A gigantic corporation already owns many local businesses, and is threatening to destroy the land, legends, and heritage of her family and friends.

Mysteries arise as Phoebe unravels the secrets in her small town, and realizes that they are connected to a global conflict. Deep in the marrow of her bones she feels that all her hopes are in danger of being lost. A powerful gem called dreamstone appears at the heart of the mystery.

Together, Phoebe and her group of misfit friends risk their lives to save the beautiful world around them called home.