Protectors of The Wood # 1: Phoebe arrives back in Middletown after a year away at college. The following day she discovers shocking changes taking place in her familiar childhood home. An immense corporation already owns many local businesses and is buying up property at an alarming rate. The local minister preaches a sermon about climate change and an angry crowd walks out of the church in protest. And a valuable gem called dreamstone is the focus of great anxiety and many unanswered questions. Phoebe organizes her friends to protect Middletown and the secret of dreamstone from Milton Morphy, a corporate executive intent on domination and inconceivable wealth. She succeeds in getting a job at the toy store, and begins to build a base for her activities. Phoebe and Jeremy finally journey to the heart of the forest, and Phoebe has her own dreamstone vision to guide her through the dangers that lie ahead.


The Protectors of the Wood adventure novel series is an illlustrated story of a group of misfit teenagers who save the world from climate change. In Book 2, Phoebe and her friends defend Middletown and the forest from the plans of a powerful corporation trying to uncover the source of unimaginable wealth. Phoebe's friend Abby is hunted ruthlessly by her enemies, who hope to learn the most important secret on earth. Abby's mysterious mission leads to a dangerous climax in a haunted house on the outside of town.


This is the third book of the Protectors of the Wood Series, a six-volume saga about a group of misfit teenagers who save the world from climate change.

In Book 3, Abby becomes the church gardener and moves into the old, run-down churchyard cottage. She soon discovers that she is watched night and day by professional investigators hired by the colossal corporation trying to take over the town, and force Abby to reveal the secrets of the forest and the source of dreamstone. Reverend Tuck, Abby, and their allies form a community council to run churchyard events and gather support for their efforts to engage the church in the fight against climate change. The community in Rivergate, an island in the wetland preserve, and Abby’s childhood home, joins their mission. The struggle with Milton Morphy and his corporate empire reaches a dangerous climax as Abby flees for her life into the forest.