Author -John KixMiller

                              Author -John KixMiller


John KixMiller is the author of the Protectors of the Wood Adventure Novel Series, a six volume saga about a group of misfit teenagers destined to wave the world from climate change.  Books 1 & 2, Phoebe Comes Home and Phoebe Breaks Through, have been completed so far. He is at work on Book 3, The Ghost Girl, and performs regularly as a part of the Protectors of The Wood Band, a musical group that presents songs and readings from the novel series.

John KixMiller worked for thirty years for the Center for Family Life in Sunset Park, serving in a variety of positions at the Beacon Program at PS 503/506, including Beacon Director and Neighborhood Center Director. Over the past five years he developed a gardening program for children as a part of the after school program.  He is a graduate of Princeton University, the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and Farm School NYC.  He is the author of A Schoolyard in Brooklyn (The New School, Institure for Urban Affairs), and coauthor with Helene Onserud of "A Community Center Model for Current Urban Needs" (included in Group Work Practice in a Troubled Society).

A songwriter, acoustic guitarist, harmonica and woodwind player, John lends his instrumental skills and voice narrative to The Protectors of The Wood Bands', SPOKEN WORD...UNPLUGGED! 

He is married, the father of two children, and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

John's favorite quote is, "Remember The Kids."

-Babe Ruth  

The Protectors of The Wood Adventure Book Series is spectacular. Not only for it's literary content, but also for it's supportive and outstanding visuals seen in the art renderings created by illustrator, silkscreen, sketch and graphic artist, Carlos Uribe. Carlos, who was born in NYC of Columbian and American decent has captured each pivotal moment in Phoebe Comes Home and Phoebe Breaks Through by using his outstanding way of creating, for example, the persona of a Middletown citizen, an ominous storm sweeping through town, an acoustic band playing to an eclectic sea of fans in a coffee house or two friends fleeing danger by crossing a river in a row boat. 

            Illustrator -Carlos Uribe

            Illustrator -Carlos Uribe


Carlos Uribe was raised in Queens, New York. He was molded by his impacting, loving parents who instilled a since of pride, morality, artistic expression and political purpose as he began working at age 15 in Manhattan. He grew professionally under the apprenticeship of print shop owner/close family friend whom he refers to as uncle Joe. This is where this young art enthusiast was exposed to and subsequently became interested in print making and graphic art. His work experience there was enriched being surrounded by seasoned artists, musicians and writers, most of whom had liberal perspectives and convictions as they frequented the Uribe home. Hence, the psychedelic turbulent late '60s through the dark avant garde late '80s, were Carlos' favorite eras. This time-span was when art activism, expression and purpose was a sign of the times and paramount in many underground circles. Uribe, who once lived and worked in California and explored theatre, circus performance and even art of fencing, remained on the west coast and moved to scenic New Mexico. He later relocated back to his native New York where he continues to hone in on his art precision and detail while fortifying seeds of brilliant art, be it sketches, paintings, graphics or screen prints.


With advanced college degrees earned in recent years, Mr. Uribe has administered life changing art programs and has taught in Sunset Park, Brooklyn where his presence is noteworthy and appreciated by the community where he now lives and serves. 

Carlos' favorite quote is "An artist cannot live by praise alone."