Phoebe Breaks Through - Episode 26

Episode 26




His hands cuffed behind his back, Sammy turned to the officers and said, “You must love this job, protecting the public from a monster like me.”

Captain Bloward approached Patti and said, “Patricia Hood? You’ll be coming with us.” Peter stepped into the group and the Captain said, “Peter Hood? You too.”

“I’ve never seen you in my life,” Peter declared. “How do you know me? Been looking at photos of us? What, are we known criminals?”

“Just go quietly, and we won’t bother to cuff you or your wife.”

“What are the charges? Am I under arrest?”

“Do you want to be?”

Freddy Baez stepped forward and displayed his press identification. “Am I to understand that you’re going to hold these people without charges? Where will they be held?”

“We’re just going to have a friendly chat down at the barracks. Don’t give us a hard time, Freddy. Why are you nosing around in this business? I’m trying to be nice to these folks. You should try my job someday.”

George stepped in front of Captain Bloward and took five or six photos in a matter of seconds.

“Get out of here!” growled the Captain, and George slipped back among the crowd.

“Hey Austin,” said the Captain. “Grab some of that stuff they’re selling. A few toys would be good.”

Austin walked up to Tom Winkle’s area and looked around, and then continued on to Peter’s crates in front of the toy store gate. There were no toys to be seen.

“Nothing here,” he yelled.

“Grab a few vegetables.”

Austin looked around and returned empty handed.

Patti stepped over to her flower display and scooped up a few remaining blossoms. She presented the captain with a bouquet. “Will this do?” she asked.

The Captain stared at her, refusing to take the offering.

A finger bean suddenly flew out of the crowd and slapped into Captain Bloward’s cheek. “God in heaven,” he muttered, and stood at high alert, staring into the crowd. Another bean flew from a different direction. “Someone’s going to pay…” he yelled, as another bean bounced off his head from behind. The sound of laughter broke out and spread through the crowd. The Captain grabbed Patti and Peter by the elbow and pulled them toward the car. Austin took Sammy and hustled along behind. The boys on skateboards, the girls and their friends, even the adults, all followed at a distance. 

Once his prisoners had been pushed into the back seat with Austin in the front, Captain Bloward ran back toward the crowd, looking for a victim to punish. But the boys had foreseen this maneuver, and were already scattering at a safe distance, and the Captain was unwilling to arrest a girl or an adult.

Meanwhile Freddy Baez talked with Sammy through the window, and George madly snapped pictures of the action. The Captain saw his mistake and ran back, pushing people out of the way like a football player. 

He jumped into the driver’s seat and gunned the motor. The red lights flashed. The siren wailed. Captain Bloward screeched the car into a u-turn and roared down Main Street.


And The Upcoming...GHOST GIRL (Book III) 

by John KixMiller

Sammy And Phoebe’s Parents Are Arrested illustration

by Carlos Uribe

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