Phoebe Breaks Through - Episode 28

Episode 28




Phoebe and Geraldine scanned the crowd on Bridge Avenue in amazement. Geraldine leaned over and spoke softly in Phoebe’s ear: “Maybe this is something you understand better than me.”

“Maybe it is…” replied Phoebe. “But I don’t know what to do.” She spotted Jeremy on the street looking frantically through the groups of people. He saw her and came up close to be heard without yelling. 

“Any idea what’s going on?” he asked. They looked at each other. Phoebe couldn’t speak. “A car backed up into a bus on Main Street and blocked the intersection,” said Jeremy. “And that truck up there stops traffic the other way. But there’s something else… People are starting to panic. They think the cars are somehow stopped by the storm. I heard one man claim the traffic is frozen by magic.”

“Magic…?” murmured Phoebe.

Geraldine looked carefully at them, from one to the other. The lightening flashed again, and Geraldine looked up, startled. “Now what was that?” she exclaimed, pointing toward the gathering storm. They stared out toward the cliffs, but could see nothing against the bank of clouds marching over the valley.

The lightening flashed again, and for a moment Phoebe saw a dark wavering form, like an unbelievably huge crow. Others had seen it too, and were pointing. The thunder crashed, and out of the storm clouds Phoebe saw a dark figure riding a sort of pole arrive low in the air. This apparition flew a quick, jagged course, and there was an uneven, high-pitched sound of screeching. It might have been laughter. Phoebe glimpsed a pale face, and knew it was Abby. Thunder rumbled again, and Phoebe lost the vision in the enveloping darkness.

Silence prevailed for a few moments. Someone screamed – and then everyone seemed to be talking a once. The crowd grew, and wild rumors spread. Scutter appeared on the sidewalk, asking for news. The tall, thin form of Milton Morphy soon joined him, stooping low to whisper in his ear. Scutter listened, and then remarked in a loud voice, “I knew something like this would happen! I knew it!”

“What should I do now?” thought Phoebe. “Run for Tuck? Or the haunted house? Not yet. It’s not a rescue yet.”

Geraldine turned to Phoebe and Jeremy and said, “This group needs to calm down or they’ll start doing harm.”

“Where’s Reverend Tuck?” asked Jeremy. “Isn’t this something…”

“That’s it!” interrupted Geraldine with great urgency. “We’ve got to get this group into the church. Come on!” And she began telling groups of people, passers-by, anyone she encountered, that there would soon be a meeting in the church. The word spread like wildfire. Within minutes the crowd – like an enormous swarm of bees – began to move toward the wide church door.

Phoebe and Jeremy were swept into the swarm and through the door into the large, dim cavern, lit only by faint chandeliers high above them. Once inside Phoebe gripped Jeremy by the hand and took refuge against the back wall near the door.

He looked at her questioningly. “Got a plan?” he whispered into her ear. 

“I do,” she said. “You’ll see.”


And The Upcoming...GHOST GIRL (Book III) 

by John KixMiller

Abby’s Plan Moves Forward illustration

by Carlos Uribe

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