Phoebe Breaks Through - Episode 9

Episode 9



Phoebe met Jeremy at the gas station early the following morning. After a long talk, he drove her to work in the tow truck. A line of double parked cars filled the block in front of Sammy’s Coffee Shop. The sidewalk was crowded with customers buying from a line of tables. Sammy had moved his produce market out in the open. The crowd spilled into the toy store, and Phoebe and Gilligan had more than they could do. The courtyard filled with soccer players, skateboarders, and young teens doing tricks with silver scooters. The adults began to complain. Phoebe had to stay in the courtyard to restore order, and asked Luis to referee soccer games in the backyard.

When she finally had a free moment at 7PM to help Luis, she got a big surprise. Luis had extended the soccer field right through Sammy’s back yard. Someone had rolled up the old wire fence dividing the yards and put it in the corner. The noise of a 6 versus 6 game with spectators filled the air. Phoebe was setting up some lights when suddenly Abby appeared. She wore all black, and the brim of her cap hid her eyes.

Phoebe overcame her shock to think fast. “Let’s talk inside,” she said. Abby followed her into a small storage room with a few chairs. 

“You haven’t forgotten me!” exclaimed Abby. “You still care.”

“I do,” replied Phoebe. “I want to be your friend.”

“I do too!” returned Abby. “That’s what I want. Did you get my letter?”

“I did. Tuck will help us. He says the church needs a gardener to work in exchange for living in that little cottage in the big yard.”

“Yes! Yes!” Abby’s eyes lit up.

“But here’s the thing,” returned Phoebe. “You’ve got to give Tuck a resume, and then his committee has to discuss it and vote…”

“Oh no!” cried Abby. “Please! No more, I can see it’s hopeless!”

But Phoebe went right on, saying, “ I asked if an emergency would help, and said people were hunting for you and we’re frightened. But he thought his committee would refer the matter to the police, and wondered if we wanted that…”

“An emergency,” murmured Abby. “An emergency. Yes, of course. Yes…”

“That’s all I’ve got right now,” Phoebe admitted. “I don’t think working here at the toy store makes sense for you now. I’m even afraid to let you go out in the front room. Morphy and his soldiers are on the attack.”

“I know,” replied Abby. “I’m making a plan, and I’m going to need your help.”

They were silent. In the din of noises from the backyard, Phoebe heard a faint voice calling her name. In a moment, she was out of the room and saw George looking in through the back steps. “George,” she hissed. “Get in here.” 

He scrambled into the room. “Abby!” he said, staring wide-eyed. His temples glistened with sweat, and his pupils seemed enlarged.

“Tell us,” Phoebe demanded. 

George looked around like a hunted person… “The time I’ve had!” He sighed.


And The Upcoming...GHOST GIRL (Book III) 

by John KixMiller

The Plot Thickens illustration
by Carlos Uribe

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