Phoebe Breaks Through - Episode 14

Episode 14



Later that day, Gilligan told Phoebe that he would close the backyard to soccer unless he could obtain insurance for accidents. Phoebe sat in on a meeting between Sammy and William Wyndaman, the lawyer for the Protectors of the Wood Foundation. Wyndaman doubted that they could get insurance, but advised them to rent the property to a soccer club whose teams -- including those currently practicing behind the stores -- would be insured. He also urged them to invite respected adults to the Friday night concert, such as journalists, lawyers, and teachers, who might serve as witnesses in case of harassment.

As Phoebe’s girls’ team arrived for practice, she saw Shannon, daughter of team manager, Terrence Williams, step out of a large SUV. She yelled to Shannon to ask her father to wait. “I need help,” Phoebe told him. “Some kind of trouble?” asked Terrence. He wore a well-tailored suit and tie, and his dark skin and pale Panama hat looked very handsome. Phoebe explained the situation.

“Afraid of somebody?” asked Terrence. “Is this the Morphy business? I’m a lawyer in real estate, and I hear things. I’m happy to help.”

“Then get Mario, our club director, here by 3 tomorrow afternoon to rent the backyards for a dollar a month. And be here Friday night to watch for some sort of frame-up.”

“It’s all too believable,” Terrence muttered. “I want my daughter to play here. I want those kids to have their little concert, damn it! Why can’t people leave well enough alone? You find a decent thing and somebody wants to smash it! I’ll be here.”

As the soccer practice ended in the dark, Jeremy arrived and drove Phoebe to the gas station. “I need your help with something,” Phoebe said.

“I need yours!” Jeremy returned. “Have you heard that George is staying with me now? And the lead-up to this concert is getting unbelievably tense.”

“I understand,” said Phoebe with a sigh. “We feel like a triangle, try to clear it up, and then George moves in. And you should know I’ve promised Sammy I’ll deal with security for the concert. I’ll need a team of staff to help me.”

Jeremy pulled into the gas station and parked. They could hear the music throbbing and whining as they walked into the office. The room was a mess, with clothes and books and papers everywhere. George and Eddy were working on a song. Jeremy picked up his guitar and played a chord. “How does that go?” he asked.

“George finished it,” said Eddy. “We might play it on Friday.”

“It’s called EVERYWHERE I GO,” said George. “Capo up three frets. First two lines are C, E minor, F, F minor. Like this…” They began to play. George became very irritable. “Come on!” he yelled. “We’ve only got one more day!” He corrected Jeremy again and again. “I don’t know why I’m like this,” he moaned in frustration.

“Don’t worry about it,” returned Eddy. “If we have fun everyone else will too.”

They began again.

“Who could that song be about?” Phoebe asked herself. “Me, Abby… ? But he wants me to love him, even if we’re not together.”

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Eddy. “Let's do it that way on Friday!”


And The Upcoming...GHOST GIRL (Book III)

by John KixMiller

"Everywhere I Go" YouTube video illustration

by Carlos Uribe

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