Phoebe Breaks Through - Episode 19

Episode 19



On the afternoon before the concert Phoebe was working the counter at the toy store when a group of boys from her new U-14 soccer team arrived. The Flores brothers, who often acted as leaders for the rest, stepped forward.

“We have a problem…” said Nico, giving a dramatic sigh. “We’re bored.” He wore soccer shorts and a blue and yellow jersey. His long unruly hair covered part of his face. He was skinny, but very quick, and probably the best soccer player in the group.

“There’s nothing to do…” put in Geo. 

“So…” continued Nico, “We thought maybe you would open the backyard and run a few games.”

“You know I cancelled soccer today because of the concert?”

“Just a few games,” pleaded Nico. He had a charming face and was hard to resist.

“I’m going to run a few games out back,” Phoebe called to Gilligan. He had hoped to avoid soccer on this complicated day, but nodded helplessly. She escaped with the boys out the back door. On going outside Phoebe felt her mood change radically. Immediately she felt the thrill of action, of events. The waiting part of this adventure was over.

As she ran the games Phoebe noticed the crowd on the sidelines expand. The teenagers were definitely coming early. She became obsessed with picking the right moment to end the games, enter the coffee shop, and empty the crowd into the backyard to receive tickets for the show. If she waited too long and more people arrived than the number of tickets, the situation would become ripe for quarrels, anger, and frustration. She was not sure how many were in the coffee shop, and sent Nico inside for help. He returned with Abby.

Phoebe was still amazed by Abby’s new look. She seemed to walk differently. Her whole manner appeared more confident. 

“I’ve got problems, said Phoebe. “How many people would you say are in the coffee shop right now?”

“Oh… less than forty.”

“Okay, I’m going to close these games soon. Tell Sammy and Stephanie to announce that tickets for tonight’s show will be given out at the back door in fifteen minutes.” 

Abby replied in a low voice: “I’ve got a problem too. The police will arrive tonight and look for overcrowding and… runaway girls. I have a plan.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Just have confidence that I know what I’m doing. And do things when I ask you.”

“I was hoping for some advance warning,” replied Phoebe.

“You’ll know soon enough,” returned Abby, and walked quickly back into the coffee shop.

In a few minutes Shannon and Jasmin ran up to Phoebe in great excitement. “Have you handed out the tickets?” asked Jasmin breathlessly. “Everyone’s trying to get outside!”

“Just set up two lines,” Phoebe told them. “Go well forward of the steps so you don’t block the door. Take a table and tell people we’ll give out the tickets right there.” Phoebe blew three bursts on her whistle and yelled, “That’s it for today.”

Terrence appeared, definitely the tallest person in the crowd, and spotted Phoebe right away. “Okay, ready to go. What’s my job?” he asked.

“Guard this door,” replied Phoebe “No one goes in without a ticket.”

Phoebe noticed Nico and Geo still kicking a soccer ball around. The goals and cones and vests had not been put away. “Do you want to see the concert?” she asked. 

“Of course,” replied Nico. “But I can’t stand those lines… but we’ll get in anyway.”

“I don’t know,” said Phoebe. “We’ve got tight security tonight. I’ve got a better idea.”

“All right. Tell us.” The boys came closer.

“I’m giving each of you a ticket.” She handed them the papers from her pouch with a flourish. “You two will go into the toy store and tell Gilligan that Luis must go to the front door of the coffee shop right now – right now – and that you will be putting the soccer equipment away. Then you’ll return to me and do other errands.”

“What good are these tickets if we’re working for you?” Nico wanted to know.

“Don’t worry. You’ll see plenty of the concert, plus you’ll find even more interesting things than you would just sitting there.”

“Yes!” cried Geo. He was small and stocky with fat cheeks, and smiled easily. His shot on the soccer field was deadly.

“We’ll do it,” replied Nico. They vanished into the toy store.


And The Upcoming...GHOST GIRL (Book III) 

by John KixMiller

The Flores Brothers Discover An Adventure illustration

by Carlos Uribe

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