Phoebe Comes Home - Episode 30

Episode 30


It was already late afternoon by the time Phoebe and Jeremy climbed up a long ledge of stones and small trees. Soon they came to a high, sharp ridge running ahead of them like a crossroads. Picking their way up over some rocks, they finally stood at the top of the enormous wall of rock and pine trees. 

An incredible view opened up ahead of them. They saw a narrow valley roll forward like a long green road bounded by rocky hills and ridges. It’s velvety green texture glowed like jewel in the afternoon sun.
“Hidden Valley,” said Phoebe. “You found it! But how do we get down there?” 
“I don’t know,” Jeremy replied. “This is as far as I’ve gone. There’s no way forward from here.”
Phoebe could see the steep cliff just a few feet away, and felt a sharp sting of disappointment. 
Suddenly a new voice appeared out of nowhere, saying, “I’m here to guide you!”
Phoebe turned and stared. “Chi Chi!” she cried. “Where did you come from?”
“I’ve known you were on your way for quite a while. You’re invited in! We are bidden to hurry. Follow me…”

by John KixMiller

Phoebe And Jeremy: On The Quest For Hidden Valley illustration
by Carlos Uribe

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