The Ghost Girl - Episode 22



“Thank you to everyone!” Pastor Banks said. “I’ve promised you some music before we open our discussion, so let’s hear it!”
The crowd gave another round of applause, as George walked over to Isaiah and Ishmael and plugged in the cord from his guitar. Isaiah made a spooky rattling sound with his tambourine, and nodded to Ishmael, who began to play a rolling melody on the bass notes. Isaiah looked at the crowd and spoke, his voice flowing with the music, saying: “We share more than we can ever know, so here we go!” Ishmael played the riff with greater volume. George joined in with some lead notes. Isaiah sang:

I woke up this morning it was dark bout half past three
A thousand miles of thunder clouds was hanging over me
You can say what you want, but a mighty wind is gonna blow
I don’t think it’s gonna stop just cause we say so

Batten down the hatches close the shutters lock the doors
Lightning’s gonna flash thunder’s gonna roar
I think we all hear that rumbling sound
Go out and listen, take a good look around

We see the water risen from the rivers and shores
Don’t think it’s gonna stop, it’s gonna rise some more
I hope you all hear me, hear me loud and clear
One of these days that water’s gonna roll in here

Ishmael took over with a guitar solo, and then Isaiah sang again, almost as a rap:

Tornados run across the plains, the hurricanes bring rain insane
The waves are sweepin over the land, who knows how long we can stand?
They tell me I’m makin it up, that I’m imagining things
But what’s that in the distance? Sounds like thunder rolling
Thunder rolling
Thunder rollinnnggg!

The guitars and tambourine brought the song to a swift and smashing end. The audience looked stunned for a moment and then began to clap, and finally stood up and cheered. The musicians looked around the circle, surprised by the enthusiasm, and took a bow.