Phoebe Breaks Through - Episode 32

Episode 32




Outside the air was cool and the sky was flooded with stars. Phoebe, Jeremy, and George stood near the tow truck for a minute or two.

“I’ve got to hear every detail of this,” George told them. “It’s time for both of you to own up. No more secrets. Tonight’s the night.”

They drove to the gas station, and walked into the office in a daze. A deep exhaustion was setting in. Inside Phoebe saw that the usual jumble of things had become total chaos. Guitars and amplifiers and boxes filled the open space on the floor. Clothes and books were scattered around amid tools and office supplies. Blankets and pillows were on the floor near the couch.

They rearranged a few things and sat close together. 

“I still feel like an outsider,” said George. “I can’t help it.”

“Don’t worry,” returned Phoebe. “It’s not just your imagination.”

George watched her in fascination, as his fate swung in the balance.

Phoebe pulled her thoughts together and said, “George, look, this is the deepest secret that’s ever been mine to tell, and I don’t know all of it. We must promise to keep it among ourselves unless we all agree to add another person.”

“We promise,” they said together.

“Okay, Phoebe said, “here’s what you don’t know in a nutshell: my parents’ organization, the Protectors of the Wood, really does include an old, old man in the forest who no one ever sees, and the famous Wendy is his daughter, and Chi Chi is his son, and there are many others involved in the forest and the swamp. They are mostly related to the native people who have been the guardians of dreamstone over countless centuries, and they are the ones who know the underground caverns where it can be found, and they are the guardians of the wisdom of how it should be used. And they have decided to share this wisdom, slowly and carefully with the wide world, as a source of help in the current crisis of climate change. They protect dreamstone with such secrecy for many reasons, but the most important one is that if you look into a big enough chunk of dreamstone you’re likely to see a vision that will be an important challenge for you, a message from a higher power. You have to be ready for this… There really do seem to be higher powers that care about us and want to help us… bring good into the world. That’s what we’re here to do, bring good into the world. I’ve seen this for myself, in dreams and in dreamstone.”

Jeremy nodded. “Nice,” he said. “Keep it simple.”

George stared wide-eyed at Phoebe. “That’s… that’s… more than I ever dared hope for! But what about Abby? Where does she come in?”

“She’s actually related to Wendy and the old man. Wendy’s her godmother. There’s a lot of mystery about Abby, but one thing we do know: Abby did fly over the town, or maybe a dream image of her did – something she calls soul-traveling. That’s one reason why Tuck was so persistent about warning us against talking to reporters, and the need for great care. But the most dangerous thing is this: Morphy already knows part of this secret! He’s sure that dreamstone was available around here years ago, and he’s doing everything in his power to find it and control it. And he has reason to believe that Abby knows the secret source, and that’s why he has been hunting her with such persistence. And that’s why Abby found a way to live in the cottage in the churchyard. Her only other option was to flee far away, and give up her friends and the life she has found. She chose not to do that.”

George stared at her. His mouth fell open. Then he stood up and flung his fist into the air, over and over. “Yes! Yes! YES!” he cried, and began to pace around the room. “Thank you!” he suddenly declared, as if to the whole room, or maybe the whole universe. “The world is a place I want to live in!”


And The Upcoming...GHOST GIRL (Book III) 

by John KixMiller

George Learns the Deepest Secret illustration

by Carlos Uribe

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