Phoebe Breaks Through - Episode 33

Episode 33



George was still standing, the tears still wet on his face.

Jeremy and Phoebe looked at each other and waited.
“I see what you mean,” George finally said. “I do see your point. What are we going to do about it? I know I’m a beginner at all this, but can’t we be Junior Protectors or something?”
“A great idea!” cried Phoebe. “In a way we already are. On the night we met in the store we kind of decided. You and Jeremy and Abby and me. And Stephanie and Eddy too, they joined the night we met here in this room.

“I feel like a baby in a new world,” George told them. “I can’t just go to sleep.”

“Well, pretty soon now,” Jeremy said. “But George, before we end this amazing day, I want to say one more thing: we were fantastic last night! I’ve never felt that way before about music. I knew you could do it.”

“I didn’t,” George replied.

“Do you know now?”

“I’m not sure. I’m not sure of anything.”

“The last couple of days,” Jeremy said, “ I started writing something…”

“Well let’s hear it!

Jeremy grabbed a guitar, and sat back in their tight little group, and finger picked some chords and began to sing:

The sun is shining in a bright blue sky

The world I know it comes alive

I’m feeling like the time has arrived

To be what I can be

It’s like the universe is at my front door

To you it may be just a corner store

But I’d be afraid to ask for more

It’s a lot to me

It’s a magic land and we’re all in it

Step right up and let’s begin it

Jeremy’s voice stopped. “That’s all I’ve got. It’s not finished.”

“That is nice!” exclaimed George.

“I love it,” said Phoebe.

“Do you really think it will all work out?” George asked. “I felt like we’d lost it all…”

“We haven’t lost it,” said Phoebe. “Except maybe I’m losing it right now.”

“I understand,” George replied. “What a day. I’m just going to curl up right here.”

Phoebe gave George a hug, and then stood up and hugged Jeremy. “We’ve all got to get some sleep,” she said.

“I’ll drive you home,” Jeremy offered.

“Thanks, but I want to walk home and settle my mind. It’s been the biggest day of my life.” Phoebe wasn’t sure if Jeremy was disappointed or not. ‘But he sure can handle things,’ she thought. 

“And nice going,” said Jeremy. “You did great.”

They hugged again, and kissed on the cheek, and Phoebe was out the door. In a moment she was walking under the swarm of bright stars on a crystal clear night. She felt almost as if she were floating.


And The Upcoming...GHOST GIRL (Book III) 

by John KixMiller

Breaking News illustration

by Gideon Chase

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