Phoebe Comes Home - Episode 27

Episode 27


Following the fight at the party, Abby told her friends: “I bring bad luck to everyone. I can’t put Glenda and Tiny through it.” Then she ran up Oak Knoll Lane and disappeared into the dark forest, leaving her friends frightened and confused.
A few days later Phoebe organized a painting session for Rose and Rob’s new pre-school class, with Tiny among them. During the session Glenda came up behind Phoebe and spoke softly in her ear. “There’s something I want to show you,” she said, “if you can spare a couple of minutes.”
As the children and parents were ready to leave, Glenda suddenly put an envelope into Phoebe’s hand. Phoebe retreated to the back room and read:

Dear Glenda: I just wanted to let you know that I’m fine and do not worry. I can’t visit because I don’t want anyone bothering you, so don’t expect me. I really need to find a safe place to live. I wonder if Phoebe could help me live at the toy store. Her family all used to live there. Another idea I have is maybe I could live at the church. Do you think Reverend Tuck ever has anyone live there? Please speak to Reverend Tuck and Phoebe, and let her know anything that could help me. I will visit her at the toy store in a few days. I’m fine where I am but I can’t stay here forever. I’ll try everything I can. I believe that somehow help will come for me. Thanks for being there when I’ve needed you most.
Your friend,
Abby Chapman

by John KixMiller

A Letter From Abby illustration
by Carlos Uribe