Phoebe Comes Home - Episode 28

Episode 28


The following evening, Jeremy met Phoebe to discuss the mysteries that surrounded them in Middletown. They took a long walk on the quiet streets under the trees. As the night fell, the moon rose.
“Okay, let’s get down to business,” said Jeremy.
Phoebe explained Abby’s surprising letter, and Scutter’s obsession with finding the source of the new vegetables. “It’s like Abby needs a bodyguard,” she said.
The silver light of the moon made shadows on the street.
Suddenly, Jeremy said, “I think I know where the vegetables are being grown…”
“Jeremy! How did you find that out?”
“I’m pretty good at exploring the woods, and I’ve discovered a secret zone in the forest, a place you can’t get to. Some sort of genius has spent years disguising it. I’ll take you there on you’re next day off – this Monday.”
“I’ll come!” replied Phoebe. “But let’s concentrate on Abby for a minute. People are hunting for her. That’s what keeps me awake at night.”
“I’d like to know what these men are after,” returned Jeremy. “These new fruits and vegetables are fabulous, but there’s got to be more to it…”
“I know. Milton Morphy’s whole business empire is moving their headquarters here. I’ve heard they’re trying to get mining rights in the forest preserve. And they’re buying up every property and business that’s for sale.”
Nothing moved across the landscape. The moon was shining over fields of apple trees, their twisted and strangely human branches making shadows on the grass.
Jeremy smiled. “I was hoping we would get together like this,” he said. 

by John KixMiller

A Team of Detectrives illustration
by Gideon Chase