Phoebe Comes Home - Episode 29

Episode 29

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Early Monday morning, Phoebe and Jeremy set off hiking through the swamp toward the Half Moon Cliffs, and the forest beyond. They both treasured high hopes of reaching the secret zone that Jeremy had seen once before from a distance. Their journey no longer seemed like a hike in the forest, but a quest for some luminous goal. In the back of her mind, Phoebe hoped to find Abby, and understand the strange mysteries that surrounded her life. Even Jeremy seemed to feel the mounting excitement, and moved with the focus and alertness of a forest animal.

Soon they reached the Half Moon Cliffs, a giant wall of rock that seemed to Phoebe a hopeless barrier blocking their path. But Jeremy led the way to the far side of an enormous gray boulder, and rolled a tall thin stone out of a crack between the boulder and the cliff. 
Phoebe stared with her mouth open. “We go in there??”
After a long slow climb up a narrow split in the vast wall of the cliff, they came out into the open on a ledge about four feet wide. Phoebe took one glance out at the wide valley below, and was overwhelmed by the sight.
“Phoebe…” said Jeremy slowly. “This next piece is dangerous. It’s not hard if you follow everything I do, but you can’t, absolutely can’t, make a mistake.” He watched her carefully. “We don’t have to do it,” he said. “It’s fine with me to go back.”
“I’m ready,” she said. “Let’s go.

by John KixMiller

Phoebe And Jeremy: On The Quest For Hidden Valley illustration
by Carlos Uribe

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